Our student engagement is provided with a flexible approach in terms of the delivery. We understand that every institution will have their individual strengths and struggles to which we will identify in order to provide the best possible service.

We have delivered to Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Colleges, Sixth Forms, PRUs and Universities all over the country. Each stage of life brings new struggles and experiences and Omar understands the pressure that students of all ages face and with his experience, provides them with the tools they need in order to combat the stress and achieve their best.

Omar's career started off with him giving talks at local schools and within a few years, he received a National Award in recognition of his ongoing contribution to helping students. We are passionate about the choices students make and together we will be able to deliver high standard content to give your students the confidence they need to complete their education.




This is the most required service. Based on the conversation you would have with Omar, he would design a 45-60 minute interactive presentation to deliver to your students. If you require this service for more than one year (for schools and colleges) then we can deliver them back to back. 

What is shared in this presentation?

  • Omar's Pride of Britain short movie which gives the students insight into his life

  • Vibrant power point slides (the slides include minimal text as this is Omar's preferred style of delivery)

  • Question and answer with the audience (this is always useful after the presentation)

  • Key messages agreed upon prior to delivery


The first day or first day back can either be scary or exciting depending on the individual. Omar would deliver a hard hitting, inspirational presentation to not only help welcome your students, but to also prepare for them for what is to come. How does this look like? In the past, Omar has delivered his presentation after the Principal shares his/her messages to the students. We are happy to follow your lead on the structure of the presentation, our focus is impacted your students.


The key messages of this delivery are

  • Safeguarding

  • Child Sexual Exploitation

  • The importance of education

  • Knife crime and violence awareness

  • Being goal orientated

  • Adapting after COVID-19

  • Dealing with mental health


This is directed towards 16+ (college or university) students. Omar will deliver a dynamic presentation with the core focus being, Personal Power. Omar shares certain experiences from his life to inspire the students to understand how their problems and struggles can become their biggest successes. He focuses on the transition of student to employee/business owner and will share simple, yet powerful tools with your students. The presentation will also cover take aways on improving Mental Resilience and how to successfully deal with stress.

Please do get in touch with our team so that we may book you in for an exploratory phone call with Omar.