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We love working with individuals and seeing them grow. However, working with teams and seeing individuals come together as a unit, now that is a masterpiece. Omar has been very successful as a Change Consultant as he is able to very quickly identify what needs to be done in order for the team to make positive change. With over a decade of experience in Sales and Marketing, Management and Training Omar has pulled together everything that he believes will allow a team to either progress or regress.

Omar will help your team to understand that there is an I in TEAM and that everyones individual input is what makes a team successful. Whether you manage a team or are part of one, we're sure you can relate that working with people can sometimes be exhausting and perhaps that's the most polite way to put it. One of our values is People and Progress, sometimes when a team doesn't perform to the standard they're capable of it is most likely a fault in leadership or a matter of personal problems.

The RIP model was designed by Omar when he felt he was at his lowest ebb and was his last attempt to regain a sense of balance in his life. After seeing and feeling the positive changes the RIP model did for him, Omar decided he wanted to share his model with others. Since then, RIP has been delivered as a Tedx Talk, Keynote Speech and workshop. 

Being constantly solution focused is rare to see amongst individuals and teams as the problem seems to get all of the attention. These workshops may include strategies that may seem unorthodox however, sometimes it takes trying something new or tweaking your approach before seeing a breakthrough and that is what Omar will help your team to do.

The benefits of attending the Reignite your Inner Passion Workshop are

  • Increased self awareness and personal values

  • Understanding personal strengths and focus areas

  • Personal resilience

  • Implementing the right mindset

  • Emotional awareness

  • Self empowerment

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